Are you tired of being lied too, ripped off and cheated? Do you own a retail store, rental property or other kind of business?  Welcome to  Marshalls Management.  I am a highly experienced retail Store Manager and Loss Prevention/Safety specialist. I am also a certified Paralegal and a multi store owner with decades of management experience and accountability. Hire me to audit your business and your employees, and you will be SHOCKED and in disbelief at what you find out.                                                                 Thinking of opening a retail store or business? Think twice! Your potential customers will run out of money and credit real soon. Use caution when relying on someone else to pay your bills and living expenses. Hawaii consumers have the HIGHEST credit card debit in America: https://www.thecentersquare.com/hawaii/pearl-city-hi-has-some-of-the-worst-credit-card-debt-in-the-country/article_66f958eb-51e7-55e6-8e22-33292e6efd33.html                                                                                                             Are you wanting to make a change and start maximizing your investment,  please go thru the website. Check out my stores, employees and corporate awards and honors. When you hire me, you get experience, honesty and accountability. If you have not had your store, employees, property manager or business audited, there is a 90% chance that you are are losing customers, merchandise is being stolen and your books are being flipped. Are you are being RIPPED OFF? Your business could easily be losing tens of thousands of dollars or more per year.

  Did you know Hawaii has the LOWEST standards in America for realtors and property managers. With little to NO education, training, experience or accountability, most property managers are lazy minded losers looking to make an easy dollar. You do not even need a high school diploma to be one. It is a quick and easy title for undesirable people with no money who cannot get a job anywhere else. Why take a chance and hire a mindless goon?

 Realtors have created one of the most dishonest businesses in history. A total racketeering mob style con game. These types of people are total and complete dirtbags and now criminals. DO NOT use a realtor for property management. Click on this link and read the legal judgement for yourself?: Realtors found liable for $1.8 billion in damages in conspiracy to keep commissions high                                                                If the person you have hired complains or refuses to be  audited, you know something is wrong.  Auditing in the real management world is a daily, weekly and monthly part of the job.   Free initial consultation.

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